Monday, February 23, 2009

made my appt! yayyy

Well, I made it to my MRI, the husb type person decided he better take me. Full report back to Dr by tomorrow, we'll see what those new results say.

Came home Brian and Jacob came over for a lil visit, That always makes me smile, that lil guy is just simply amazing, every day something new, I love it. I mean, how many people could get me to hang a spongebob squarepants shower curtain in my bathroom?? only Jake, LOL and yes i did and yes he loved it.

As much as I hate to do it, I'm needing to cancel out on m trip to Louisianna with my bud lacey, I just know that trip will be too painful on me. Shes upset, no doubt, but, she'll be fine. After all shes going to her son's for a visit shes not had in more then ten yrs. My going along with her probably isn't a good thing anyway. Altho, no doubt we'd have had a good time.

Haven't watched the news today, but mostly its never anything I want to hear anyway, so sad, the 11 yr old in Pa, the missing Hayleigh in Florida, and lets not even look at, not much to write about tonight. Maybe in a day or so....


Christy said...

oy vey...a spongebob shower curtain???? never!that would be like me giving in and giving juddy a periodic table shower curtain or some such nonsense

Becky said...

I can't get into the cartoons that are on now. They were much better cartoons on when I was little! Like Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, and The Jetsons!