Friday, February 6, 2009

Wow, I forgot I had this

Until Christy started her own blog, I totally forgot that I had started this one. A yr has gone by with no posts from me. Not even sure what to blog now to be honest, but, I might as well try.

So sick of winter, I can't wait to get back outside, breathe in fresh ENJOYABLE air that doesn't freeze your lungs. It feels like this winter is never going to leave. Too much ice and snow but mainly too cold the temps.

In about a mth, I'm supposed to be going on a trip. As most of you who know me, you know my best bud "lacey" lives in Kentucky. Now, I've known her for several yrs and ever since the beginning of our friendship, she's called me Thelma and I've called her Louise. We've always said we were going to do a "road trip" of our own one day and that day is coming quick. The initial plan is to head to Louisiana, maybe New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Lafayette, but now she'd mentioned possibly Reno instead. I dont know, thats not so far from that famous Grand Canyon!

My favorite lil man of all time is about a mth shy of his 3rd birthday, and the past 3 yrs have been some of the most fantastic of my life. That boy is sure to bring a smile to my face regardless of my mood or attitude. Just seeing that lil chubby face, having him plop himself in my lap with kisses and hearing him say, Me wuv u memaw, just melts anything bad away. He's been such a joy and blessing to my otherwise uneventful pretty drab world. When Jacob is here, nothing else matters, and anything I do, hes sure to "help u memaw". Lots of extra added love has gone into many many meals while Jakes around.

Well its late, and maybe I can actually fall asleep tonight........gonna go try.

Since Christy is the Princess, and I'm her mommy, does that give me permission to sign off as The Queen? LOL

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