Friday, April 10, 2009 I punish him, or laugh my ass off??

After taking Jacob out of a morning bath, I had him wrapped in a heavy towel laying on my bed, when I realized I'd forgotten his underwear. I left him laying there while I went to another room to get him some. When I got back into the bedroom, I found that the clever 3 yr old found the powder. Omg, I thought, do I punish him now? do I laugh uncontrollably? In the end I probably did what every other Memaw in the world would have done....grabbed my camera and pictures are below........

After another hour of cleaning up the mess in the bedroom and digging powder out of his nose and ears, all's well......

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ok christy

i'm sure my purse isn't as interesting as yours but.....inside we found

change purse
loose change
two pens
memory stick< no clue why
3 matchbox cars< never know when we need them
kroger card
camera case, which normally holds this camera

Friday, April 3, 2009


what is it that when you love ppl so much, so strong u'd do anything and everything for them, give them the shirt off ur back, last morsel of food u'd fixed ur self and the last dollar to your name, even if you need it yourself, just to get disrespect in return.

if i had the money and means, i'd take off to where the fk ever i landed and stay.........

just reinforces my thoughts, the dead are the lucky......