Friday, May 29, 2009

catching up

Have been too busy for the pc lately but with the rain out there and no one here, I can catch up.
Brian got his divorce, and as stated before, shared parenting of Jacob. He has Jake Weds, Thurs Friday and Sat nights. He just got called back to work this week on afternoons, sooooo, Weds, Thurs and Fridays I am at his house with Jacob until Brian gets home at 11:30. I just think it's best for Jake to be in his own home more then in mine.
Brian is back to work, however, it's supposed to be for only 2 mths, then off for a longggg time. Projected date for Mayflower to be up and running as normal, is 2012!

Josh is excited and antsy to get going into the Navy, however he has to wait until Dec 7. In the meantime, my "smart boy" really messed the top of his right foot up. He's always been one of these people who can get poison ivy by sitting on the porch, well, add the fact that he LOVES to fish and is often in the weeds, he gets it frequently. Mr genius has for a few years been self treating, against nurse mommy's advice. He will take a kitchen scratch pad, rub directly on the poison until it's raw and bleeds then put bleach over it. Not only is that very painful and stupid, but he gave himself a bad chemical burn to the top of his right foot. It did get infected and so bad he couldnt even put a shoe on. After a trip to ER, with no insurance, I'm hoping he's learned his lesson about that.

Christy and Juddy were in over the weekend. We had a fun time. All the family was here for a cookout, and with 500 water balloons to be filled and thrown around, everyone went home wet and happy. I really enjoy when they can make it home for a weekend. I dont really see her often enough. We do however have good phone time, usually 3-4 times a day.

Still working towards getting some sort of income for me. That damn EORH has sent me to manyyyyyy doctors who all basically agree with the same diagnosis to just send me to another. I've been to Pittsburgh, Columbus, Morgantown, Steubenville, Wheeling, Zanesville, Cambridge and most recently they sent me to Canton. Now wtf! That doctor in Canton told me, he can't understand why they sent me to him, he'd gone over my records, run his own tests to only give, yet again, the same diagnosis that EORH has disagreed with for 5 yrs. He told me that this is how they give you the run around in hopes you'll get so frustrated you drop your case. I just can't wait til everything is resolved.

And now, I'm no longer alone in the house, my day has started.............