Thursday, February 12, 2009

The rest of the story......

After all of the bs with comp dr I did indeed get an attny, in the valley and I'll just say, he is the comp attny for a very well spoke of lawyer. He was never able to have my back added on as part of the initial claim, even after giving proof of an MRI showing a definate problem within the first month of my injury at work. He said the best he could do was settle with the hosp on a permanent partial disability based on the neuropathy in the ankle. Now mind you, thru all of this I still have my back issue, the comp dr refuses to treat it, as in her words, its not part of the claim, my own family dr refuses to treat it, putting in writing to both me and the comp dr that she does not deal with workers comp injuries and based on tests done by the comp dr on my back cleary shows this injury needs added to the claim. Thru several yrs and a lot of bs and tests run on me, I have a file full of drs visits, MRI reports, EMG's Xrays yadda yadda, still never receiving one iota of treatment.
I finally applied for disability on advice of the first attny and my family dr. LOL what a joke that is as well. I was of course denied, and I will type here exactly the words used in the denial.
We realize you have problems with your back and ankle that keep you from standing, sitting, bending, squatting, or walking however we believe there is a job that you are still able to perform. LOL whats left? laying on my back? that seems to be the only thing they agree I AM able to do. Is this our govts way of kindly saying, you can still be a hooker. Gawd and yes I personally know a 25 yr old female, in the valley that worked a total of one week, ONE FLIPPIN WEEK of her entire life, claimed a back injury and not only got approved, but a very nice check to "catch her up from time of supposed injury". You can find said person in a bar on any given weekend dancing it up, out riding 4wheelers and many other activities I couldnt do if my life depended on it.
I was told you always get denied on the first try, to submit it again for appeal, I did, guess what, another deny with the same reasons as the first.

I've gotten myself not one, but 2 attnys, both in Columbus, one is working on the disability denials. His name is Jeffrey Buskirk and it was he that recommended the second attny, Phillip Fulton, super attny for Ohio workers comp.
My first meeting with Mr Buskirk leaves me very hopeful. I went to his office armed with every single piece of medical documentation I have collected over these yrs on my case. As Mr Buskirk explained what medical diagnosis are needed for a definate win of disability, even tho to me, thats a loss, not a win, I was able to pull out proof that I did indeed have each and every single diagnosis. Of course I wouldnt give him my original copies, he did make 2 copies of each, one for his own records, one to submit to SS. And now on that, I continue to wait.
Mr Phillip Fulton also fills me with some hope that the original workers comp case for me in all of this is far from over. I'm within the time realm for an appeal to have my back added on. Mr Fulton also feels that my employer, who made me see quack dr for so long without having any treatment whatsoever is liable for further injury that time in itself has caused. Time will tell.

Throughout all of this, I've lost so much of my life, living in pain, learning to adjust to what I can and can't do, I've fully lost my independance and that kills me almost as much as the rest. I am now possitive that all of the political bs you have to go thru when you are injured at work and when you attempt to get help, is all there to wear you down so you simply give up and do what you can do. I can't afford to give up nor can I morally accept that this is it for me. I will continue my battle until something is done to help me. In the meantime, I will stay in my little drab world without way or means to go anywhere or see anyone as long as it takes. Thank God for Jacob, he's been my sanity these last 3 yrs. Without that chunky smiling face and sloppy baby kisses, hearing him say, memaw me love you forever, I'm sure I wouldnt still be here to type all of this....

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