Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Mexico's not a state?

While reading the newspaper this morning, I came across an article that just makes me shake my head. I've googled the newspaper, searched, but can't find the article online. I wanted to link it here so you, whoever may read this could see for yourself, but, no luck with that so I'll try to put the jest of the article in this blog.
The Times Leader, Sunday March 1...........One of our 50 States is missing by Kay Sedgemer.

Apparently a citizen of New Mexico was in D.C. at a shopping mall, in a major store, to purchase a new suit. When the man gave his id and check to the cashier he was then informed, "I'm sorry sir, we can't take checks from outside the country." The shopper informed the cashier that New Mexico is indeed IN the country and a state. A second cashier agreed with the first, telling the man, "no, New Mexico isn't a state, its part of Mexico and we can't accept your check." The man then asked to see a manager, who unbelievably agreed with the two cashiers!, New Mexico isn't a state??? it's part of Mexico???? I'm sorry but when the citizens of the United States don't even realize what is or isn't a state, omg, scarey thought. The man finally used a credit card, which apparently they will accept from "out of the country" to make his purchase. He then said he should warn fellow New Mexicans to be sure and have a passport when traveling to D.C.

This article just leaves me shaking my head. Don't schools teach kids whats a state and whats not anymore??? Sad to think that one day these same kids will actually be running this country.

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