Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well my appt in Columbus was pretty productive, hopefully soon I can at least afford to go to a decent Dr to help me out.

Yesterday am was a court hearing for the custody for Brian, as you may or may not know, his wife moved out a couple of months ago taking Jacob with her. She has filed for divorce, he, not wanting that but after mths of begging her, got his own attny and filed for a temp custody hearing to be able to see his son. Since moving out, Jacob is with her mom, she works everyday and goes to school mon, weds, friday nights, yet Brian was either told, "no, you can't come get him" or no one answered the phone when he called. Maybe twice a week the mother in law let him come pick up his son. He is used to being the one to get the boy up every morning, cooking him breakfast, bathing him, dressing him then spending the entire day with him, yet because she decided she wants to be un-married, Jacob and Brian are forced to lose that close connection they've had for Jacobs entire life. Brian has been laid off from Mayflower since before Christmas, giving him the entire day with Jake while she worked and went to school, before the lay-off, he worked 3-11 therefore did all the same morning routine.
Yesterday he was told, legally, he could get full custody of Jacob, but he decided he wanted to do shared parenting because his son needs to be close with his mom as well. Mature of my son, and dont get me started on my thoughts of "close with his mom". Divorce, probably being reduced to dissolution, will be on or about May 18.

Josh took and passed his ASVAB test to enter the Navy yesterday as well. With no jobs around that are of much account and him not getting any younger, felt this was his best course of action to get ahead. Personally, as his mom, I'm not thrilled with him joining up during war times when everything is so unstable. He is however, an adult and I know he's thought this through for a long while, visiting with every branch of the service before deciding on the Navy. I can only wish all the best for him, pray for him, and be there for him as I always have and always will.

Christy and Justin are going thru some changes in their world as well. Not like my other two kids, but life changing events are happening that I truly believe will be for the best for both of them. This will however take them further away from me, making me somewhat sad, I miss the shit out of her now, don't see her often enough, but again, they are adults and typically make good decisions. Everyone has to do whatever is necessary in todays world for the best for themselves.

Doesn't matter how old or how far away those three are, I'm still mom, I still love them all to pieces and worry when things are in an upheaval. Momma bear still brings out her claws to protect her cubs.........

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