Sunday, March 22, 2009

my catch up post....

Catching up from my past blog, I had good news, I guess, from my attny that is fighting the workers comp. He had me sent to a specialist in Columbus who found me totally and completely disabled. For the life of me I dont see how that's good news, but at least it promises for money in the near future. Of course we're talking political and that near future will be 4-6 mths away.

I have another appt with my attny in Columbus this friday, he's the one appealing my SS application, I guess we'll see how that fairs out.

I first hired him, Jeffrey Buskirk, to help me with my SS issue, his office then recommended I see Phillip Fulton, also in Columbus because apparently I still fall under workers comp. They do seem to be good lawyers, and I've definately seen progress, but it's a killer to go that far for appts. My back just doesnt appreciate a long car drive, that I personally have loved my whole life. It was nothing to hop in the car, start driving and end up in another state *not counting wva.,LOL*. Christy and I would always love to fire up the music, and just drive, no destination or time frame in mind, I miss those days.

As most of you know, Tiff had her little baby Lily last friday, on Juddy's birthday actually. She calls me in the morning to wake me, wanting me in the delivery room with her, I was with her for Braylon. I got up, showered, talked to her, shes 4 cm and the dr predicts late afternoon,, Good news! I can make coffee and wake up. Its about 10 am at this point......Going to take mom's car to MF hosp, so I walk down, call Tiff, she can't talk because the nurse is there to do the catheter, she'll call me back......wait,,, well, Tiff calls, guess what, Lily is here LOL, no fuss no wait with that little one. Fortunately Misty had gone to the hospital so Tiff didnt deliver alone.

Brian, Jacob and I spent the day together, we even picked Tiff and Lily up and drove them home. I've had a day full of babies, Jacob, Braylon and that teenie tiny little doll Lily, and trust me, this granny is feeling it, heading to bed now.....

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