Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now that Christy has made it public I can say, I'm going to be a memaw again in January. Congrats to her and Justin.

I think it would be nice to add a little girl to the family and I find myself referring to this new one as "she" but on the other hand, boys are soooo much easier then girls I think.

Christy is my baby girl and has been out on her own for 13 years. That's left me living in a house full of testosterone, Tom, Brian, Josh and now Jacob. I do miss the female connections but I'm just not sure I'd want to deal with all the drama of little girls.

My niece has 2 daughters who are often around and I get to "remember" just how little girls are. The other day an ant was on Emily's leg, and omg, you'd have thought it was chewing her leg off the way she was screaming, an ant! Jacob on the other hand got very upset when she killed it. He likes to pick up bugs, any bug, and bring it to us to see it. Little girls get upset if they get dirty, LOL not our Jake, the dirtier the better

and that's ok by me, he'll wash as will his clothes.

Granted, you can buy cute little things to dress the girls in and boys, well it's pretty much jeans and tshirts. My own little girl however HATED to wear pretty dress up things for the most part, so, not much difference in that even I guess.

All I truly care about is getting a healthy happy baby, be it Olivia or Jack, it will be loved and spoiled by memaw as much as Jake is.


themom said...

OK, so I guess Marvin the Martian is out of the running for the baby's name. I'm really excited for Christy and Juddy. I wonder who will be next "in the group" to start a family. (**Not Zac.) they are in for a few surprises and changes to their lifestyle huh? I'm with you - I'd rather raise boys than girls. Just because.

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what's that all about..LOL!

Becky said...

Congrats Aunt Jackie! You're a wonderful "meemaw" to Jacob and will be to Christy's little one too!

So are those the official choices for names?