Thursday, August 13, 2009

mid august

Seems I don't keep up with these blogs very well. I think it's mainly because most of what I'd have to blog is drama, and drama, being mine or most likely this crazy family's just doesn't seem like something people would want to read about.
I have so much on my mind always about my kids. It doesnt' matter how old they get, how long they've been married, or how far away they live, I still worry.
Christy and Justin are doing very well, I'm so proud of how their lives are turning out together. Justin is a wonderful guy, who often deserves a medal of patience with my hormonal daughter at the moment, lol. Couldn't ask for a better son in law. My biggest worries with her right now are all surrounding "marvin". Hoping things continue to go along fine in that dept. Also, crazy mom I am, maybe, but when you read about women being murdered and their babies ripped away, scares me. Esp when Christy tells me how one of her "friends" wouldnt speak to her upon hearing of her pregnancy, jealousy's of her own lack of becoming pregnant. Then, same said chick is all best friendsy like.....lets hope she's not one of those psycho people. I know, I know, momma's worried for nothing. Right.
Brian has his own issues. Being laid off for an undetermined amount of time with absolutely no work in the valley is the main issue. His ex wife, unfortunately is the other issue that just won't go away. They were granted with shared parenting and the time shared with Jacob is going well for the most part. However when she decides she wants Jacob during Brian's time with him, she has this way of telling Brian how she WILL pick him up at noon instead of the designated 4pm that was court ordered. So far Brian hasn't given in to any of that, but it's getting old. Also, according to their child custody papers written by the courts, there is NO custodial parent and both have to agree on medical issues of Jacob, schooling issues with him, and several other "shared" decisions. Once again, she TELLS Brian that Jacob has been enrolled in pre-school, but didn't give him a schedule for the boy. He has no problem with Jacob going to pre-school, but it was to be a SHARED decision on the place. They've already been ordered to each pay half of any preschool he might attend. With Brian being laid off and no medical insurance right now, she had Jake picked up on Medicaid, which she has refused to give Brian a card for, saying "They told me we only get one we have to share."......A lot of good that would do if something, God forbid, would happen and she weren't available to bring the card......
As for Josh, well, still in that limbo until December when he leaves for the Navy. He's working at Sams Club, meeting with his recruiter, and basically hanging out and fishing a lot. He had a meeting today with the recruiter who politely told Josh he has to drop 9lbs now, too many late night munchies I guess. He's been working out on his days off with swimming, weights and basketball at the Y, so hopefully he can lay off the nighttime beverages and snacks a bit.
As for me, well, there is a meeting on my behalf with Workers Comp later this week. I did recently receive a check for a find of more of a loss to the affected ankle then what was previously determined. The doctor and attny's are still trying to have my back put on that claim and to have a permenant total disability where the ankle is concerned. I haven't heard anything about the SS claim for about 3 mths, however I was forewarned to not be surprised by a 8 mth wait on that one.
On that note, I hear my bed calling. Maybe I won't wait 2 mths next time to update.

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themom said...

Christie was telling me about Brian's issues. Let me tell you - the ex-wife is lying about only getting one medical card. Carrie and I each have one for Colton. they are sent in two's. Telling a mother NOT to worry is the hardest thing in the world. Zac keeps telling me NOT to worry - and I tell him "that's my job!"